“Supercharging Your Purpose” Workshop Series

Thank you for a very interesting set of workshops last week! I especially enjoyed the strategic communications working sessions and the branding presentation…”
— Katie Ungard, Project Manager
— Pollution Probe

On February 22nd and 23rd Second Revolution Communications, in collaboration with The Sustainability Network, was pleased to present its fourth “Supercharging Your Purpose” workshop series. A cross section of more than 15 environmental groups and nonprofit organizations took part.

Thank-you to all who attended. Judging by the feedback we received, the workshops were a big success! It was especially gratifying to see our new Effective Email Campaigns workshop go over so well — it’s an area we know many NGOs are struggling with, particularly with the CASL transition deadline about to expire in July. (CASL blog post coming soon.)

Stay in touch for announcements on upcoming workshops and possible webinars — we’re planning more for 2017! And if your organization is facing specific communications or design challenges, let us know what they are. We might work them into the next series.

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