Public Relations

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When it comes right down to it, creating and managing the reputation of your business is no different than the work involved in creating and managing the personal reputation you try to cultivate among your family, friends, co-workers and others. In essence you are managing how others perceive and understand you.

With the growth of online news outlets and social media, the role of public relations is taking on a greater role than ever before.  Customers, suppliers, employees, supporters, the media and general public all have opinions, only too eager to share, about the bona fides of your business. As such, your reputation, and the way you manage public perceptions, is integral to providing you with an edge over competitors and instilling public trust in the services or products you provide.

Second Revolution Communications will help you plan, develop and execute effective public relations strategies for traditional and new media that build the trust and integrity of your organization. Our approach involves:

  • Conducting background research into
    • Your organization’s history
    • Your core audience demo/psychographics
    • Current perceptions your supporters and the public have of your organization
  • Establishing goals and objectives for the campaign
  • Designing communication strategies (content, tone, visual appearance, who the message is attributed to, call for action etc.)
  • Choosing the communication tactics and mediums best suited to address your goals and objectives
  • Implementing the strategy
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of the implemented strategy.